Massage - The Art of HAPPINESS

Focusing on the body’s energy system, our therapeutic massages improve circulation, relieve
muscle tension, and ease tired joints. Therapists at Jacqueline Olivencia International Salon & Spa are NYS licensed practitioners.

Massage Services

Massage therapy reduces pain, improves circulation, increases immune efficiency, enhances
focus, and emotional balance. Choose from a variety of styles of massage and allow your body to
relax and renew.

Custom Massage

$100.00 for 90min, $85.00 for 60min or $55.00 for 30min.
Request this personalized session for your very own specific blend of pressure and technique.

Aromatherapy Massage

$70 for 60 minutes
This diverse experience is enriched by traditional aromatherapy massage techniques targeted for
stress-related symptoms. Choose from seven pure essential oils, called Chakras.* Chakras oils
are blended according to Ayuveda - the ancient healing of India.
*83 percent felt more balanced after experiencing a Charka aroma

Hotstone Massage

$100 for 90 minutes
Warmed, smooth river stones are used to enhance deep relaxation, and physical renewal in this
unique massage. Hot stones help loosen, relax, and release tight areas.

Expecting Mother

$70 for 60 minutes
This soothing relaxation massage is for women in their second and third trimesters.