Facials - The Art of VANITY

Standard Facial: $70.00

Reveal your healthy glow with this highly effective yet gentle facial that offers a natural alternative to chemical peels.  Skin texture will be visibly refined and complexion clear and hydrated.
(All skin types experiencing congestion)

Classic Nourishing Facial: $70.00

This facial incorporates natural enzyme exfoliation to provide immediate pore refining and skin clarity, specialized calming serum, aromatherapy massage and a soothing enzyme mask for the ultimate glow!
(All skin types showing dryness, dehydration, stress and exhaustion)

Specialty Facials: starting @ $85.00

OZ Clear Facial

Skin repairing treatment fights difficult acne on two fronts, with enzyme technology for a deep clean exfoliation and enhanced oxygen cream that deeply purifies and softens pore clogging congestion. Not only are blemishes diminished but overall skin quality, tone and smoothness are enhanced.
(Particularly effective for smokers and those with a congested skin texture)

Lighten Up, Tighten Up Facial

This rejuvenating facial is really into power lifting. Penetrating AHA’s (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) get to the bottom of lines, wrinkles, roughness, age spots and other irregularities to uncover fresh smooth new skin underneath.  A remarkable hydrating gel mask, topped off with a skin plumping serum delivers immediate firmness, renewed tone and textural consistency.  Best done in a series or as a monthly anti-aging maintenance program.

Brightness Facial

This Vitamin C-fueled brightening facial helps age spots and smoothes rough thickened texture on the skin. An antioxidant serum infusion, brightening C mask and wheat germ based massage oil help minimize pores, refine texture, fade surface pigmentation and accelerate skin repair.  Skin emerges smooth, even and luminous. It looks like it is from within. Best done in a series for cumulative skin brightening and smoothing results.

Hydrating – Revitalizing Cream Facial

This gentle hydrating facial helps smooth lines, wrinkles and uneven texture as it soothes and renews.  The lactic acid and peptide peel- sweeping complexion- offers efficient exfoliation.  An excellent intro to anti-aging facials, this pampering treatment is ideal for monthly maintenance for skin craving comfort, restoration and hydration.

Botanical Soothing Facial

(uses cold stones) This cooling soother instantly subdues angry inflammation, visible redness and unsightly blotchiness.  A polishing enzyme exfolient removes flaking sun and surface irritants, followed by an anti-inflammatory botanical serum infusion.  Placement of cold therapeutic cold stones onto hot spots pulls the heat out and leaves cooling relaxation in its place.  The restorative moisture replenishing mask completes the peace and quiet.  All to leave you feeling totally at ease in your own skin.

Add Ons:

02 Booster (serum) - $10.00 Add on

Kills bacteria on contact without irritating the skin.  Plus, this concentrated infusion of oxygen into the cells works to instantly encourage skin circulation, vitality and glow.

Eye Lift Eye Firm- $10.00 Add on

Gentle yet effective eye treatment results in smoother skin texture and increased firmness, elasticity, and hydration.

Smoothing A.H. A. - Body Peel

A go-to treatment to rejuvenate and smooth the body’s skin, leaves skin looking smoother and more even. (Meant for only non-sensitive skin areas)

Serums/Boosters $10.00 Add on  

- Crystal C: Sun Damage
- Redness Relief: Sensitivity /Rosacea
- Tripeptide

Cellular Repair: Anti-aging

- Lift & Firm mask can be applied to any facial and is and added $15.00
- Chemical Peel suited to skin type can be applied to any facial and is an added $15.00