Additional Services with Facials

De-Stress Eye – wrinkles

Cryo-collagen treatment with 100% pure freeze dried collagen to repair the delicate eye contour. Intensely hydrates and plumps the skin reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and crepeness.

De-Stress Eye – puffiness

Refreshing eye treatment utilizes Ginkgo Biloba to stimulate the lymphatic capillaries to drain excess fluid, thus reducing the appearance of puffiness. Vitamin C works in synergy as it lightens and brightens the eyes, alleviating dark circles. An effective, cooling and decongesting treatment…

Lip Treatment – (define - smooth – plump)

Incorporating retinol using time-release technology, this treatment visibly smoothes expression lines and wrinkles around the mouth, and effectively restores and redefines the lip contour, your lips are rendered smooth, plump and youthful.